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  • News Muramasa Rebirth Will Be Refreshed with Fresh DLC This Month

    Another reason to return

    It’s currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America, so it’s no surprise to see the announcement of new Muramasa Rebirth DLC overseas. Aksys has confirmed that a fresh add-on named ‘A Spirited Seven Nights’ Haunting’ will release on 15th July in the US and 16th July in Europe. There’s no word on...

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    Review Muramasa Rebirth

    Radiant revival

    While most widely known as the family-friendly home console featuring a myriad collection of party games and fitness titles, the Nintendo Wii was also home to some of last generation’s better adult-oriented forays. Many of these titles got swept under the rug due to poor sales and a missing target audience, but some received much...