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    Trust issues

    With a doomsday timer set on the world, the villain known as The End summons 11 gifted members known as S.E.A.L.E.D. team to the Pillar – a mysterious structure that's appeared out of nowhere – in order to defeat him. However, he's planted traitors among the group. It's up to protagonist Sho Kasugai and his allies to determine who...

  • News Sci-Fi JRPG Lost Dimension Entrusts Us with a Western Release Date and Free DLC

    No betrayal here

    If you'll recall, we wrote about PlayStation 3 and Vita title Lost Dimension a little while back, and exclaimed that it seemed to have the makings of an interesting role-playing game. Atlus' creation sees you team up with a bunch of stylish teens, and as the plot progresses, you'll need to decide who's an enemy, and who isn't...