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  • Mini Review King Oddball (PS5) - Weird Physics Puzzler Is Still Addictive

    Royal rumble

    Odd by name, odd by nature – and even odder when you consider it’s on a next-gen console now. King Oddball baffled us a billion years ago on the PS Vita, but now this bizarre physics-based puzzler has hooked us with its over-extended tongue for a second time. We can’t believe we’re playing this on a PlayStation 5 – but it’s...

  • News King Oddball, Undead Horde Grab PS5 Versions

    Trophy lists reveal releases

    Here are two more PlayStation 5 games to look forward to: King Oddball and Undead Horde. Both already released for Sony's current-gen console, publisher 10Tons is seemingly taking advantage of the new system's launch by thrusting two of its titles back into the limelight. Their PS5 ports are all but confirmed by Trophy...

  • Review King Oddball (PlayStation 4)

    The tongue and the restless

    To say that the videogame market is saturated with physics-based puzzlers would be akin to saying that the Call of Duty series has only been mildly successful. In other words, it would be a vast and gaping understatement. To this end, indie effort King Oddball attempts to set itself apart from the competition by indulging...