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  • Rumour Dead Space 4 Dismembered Following Dismal Sales

    Marker of the times

    It sounds like the legs of Visceral Games’ likeable Dead Space series have been targeted by a well aimed Plasma Cutter shot by EA executives. According to a report on VideoGamer.com, a fourth entry in the horror series was in development, but has been cancelled following the poor sales of Dead Space 3. The

  • News Sony Sells Shares in Online Gaming Firm for $440 Million

    Platform holder freeing up assets

    As part of an ongoing effort to stabilise its financial footing, Sony has announced that it’s selling its shares in Japanese online gaming firm DeNA for around $440 million. Games Industry.biz reports that Nomura Securities are poised to snatch up the 17.72 million shares, which will add a few more zeroes to the...

  • News Sony: There's Still Plenty of 'Highly Significant' Titles in Development for PS3

    Life in the old dog yet

    Despite the recent announcement of the PlayStation 4, Sony has insisted that there’s still plenty in the pipeline for the PlayStation 3. Chatting with the PlayStation Blog, SCEE president Jim Ryan insisted that the manufacturer’s current platform will remain an important part of the company’s output for the foreseeable...

  • News Kellee Santiago Backs Ouya, Takes Developer Relations Role

    Starting a new journey

    Do you remember Ouya? The Android-powered console took Kickstarter by storm earlier in the year – and it’s just added a fairly high-profile name to its list of backers. Journey developer and thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago has signed up to lead developer relations, where she’ll be responsible for helping...

  • News Polyphony Digital Contributed to the Construction of PS4 and Vita

    Pit stop

    Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital's next game may not be for the PlayStation 4, but the Japanese team still had input into the development of the next generation console and the PlayStation Vita. Speaking in an interview with 4gamer, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida talked briefly about the studio’s role in the...

  • News PlayStation 4 Games Will Cost Between $0.99 and $60

    Next generation's not going to break the bank

    Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton doesn’t believe that next generation games will cost more than $60. Speaking as part of an interview with CNBC, the likeable executive explained that software for the impending PlayStation 4 will cover a wide range of price-points, including...

  • News Take-Two Wrestles WWE License from Defunct THQ

    Pinned down

    Take-Two is half a tap away from taking control of the WWE license. A report published shortly after the untimely demise of former holder THQ had pegged the publisher as the new ringleader for the bizarrely popular franchise, but the firm's now issued an official statement confirming the news. "At this time, the agreement is pending...

  • News Sony Severs Ties with PlayStation All-Stars Developer

    Walking away

    Despite the likelihood of a sequel seeming fairly high, Sony has confirmed that it has ended its relationship with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer SuperBot Entertainment. The platform holder confirmed the news in a press release earlier this evening, adding that its Santa Monica studio will continue to support the release...

  • News Warren Spector's Junction Point Reaches the End of the Line

    Mickey mania

    After the reportedly dire sales of Epic Mickey 2, it’s perhaps not surprising that Disney has decided to shutter developer Junction Point today – but that doesn’t make the news any easier to swallow. The publisher, currently wrapped up in the production of Disney Infinity, confirmed the closure earlier this evening, citing its...

  • News Crytek Resurrects Darksiders Developers with Texas Studio

    Back from the brink

    Darksiders may have been caught by the scythe of Death, but that’s not stopping a number of former Vigil Games employees from finding new life at Crytek USA. The Austin-based outfit, announced earlier today, represents the ninth studio in the German firm’s portfolio. Its foundation follows closely in the footsteps of Crytek...

  • News Legendary Rare Developer Switches Xbox for PlayStation

    Flying the first-party flag

    You may not have heard of George Andreas, but you will almost certainly have played one of his games. The former Rare employee worked on a wealth of classics during his 16 year tenure at the UK studio, including Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and even GoldenEye 007. But, after playing a pivotal role in the production of

  • Rumour Take Two Wrestles the WWE License from THQ

    Blood, sweat, and tiny pants

    While the majority of THQ’s franchises found new homes yesterday, there’s still been no official word on the future of the WWE license. Early rumours suggested that EA had picked up the lucrative contract, but that’s been countered by an IGN report which claims that Take Two made a last minute bid for the series...

  • News THQ's Assets Are Divided, Deep Silver Snatches Saints Row

    Thanks for the memories

    The auction for THQ’s assets has concluded, with the publisher closing up shop as a result. After a gruelling 22 hour auction process, intermediaries decided that individual bids would net a greater cash return for the debt riddled company, resulting in the demise of the once prolific publisher. The new owners of many of...

  • News THQ Franchises Available Individually, EA in the Running

    Open your cheque book

    Ever since creditors complained about THQ's quick sale to equity firm Clearlake Capital, things have gone from bad to worse for the embattled publisher. What initially seemed like a crafty way of protecting the company as on ongoing concern has quickly transformed into a bidding war for the firm’s most valuable assets – and...

  • News Judge Blocks THQ's Quick Sale, Warner Bros Starts Sniffing

    Scratches head

    Who fancies some serious legal mumbo jumbo before bed? THQ’s attempt at a quick sale to equity firm Clearlake Capital has been blocked following complaints from irked creditors. Earlier this week, the miffed parties noted that the proposed takeover had been purposely designed to minimise disruption, rather than maximise debt...

  • News Take a Look at the Studio Liverpool Game That Never Was

    Crossed off

    Defunct developer Studio Liverpool may be best known for its work on the WipEout series, but the legendary outfit had aspirations beyond just racing games. According to the webpage of former artist Mathew Cooling, the team was working on a steampunk PlayStation 2 adventure named Fall of the Artificer back in 2000 and 2001. Sadly, very...

  • Rumour Ubisoft Could Publish the Next Saints Row Game

    Assassin's greed

    There’s just enough time for one more rumour before the games industry closes down for Christmas. According to sources close to MCV, Ubisoft is plotting a bid for THQ’s assets. If successful, the French company would control all of the struggling publisher’s studios and intellectual property, including franchises such as...

  • News THQ Selling Assets, Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Oh no

    The writing’s been on the wall for a while, but publisher THQ has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. The company’s currently in the process of selling all of its assets to Clearlake Capital Group, a private equity firm. Once complete, Clearlake will control “THQ's operating business, including THQ's four owned studios and games in...

  • News 007 Legends Developer Eurocom Closes for Good

    You only live twice

    Blighted British developer Eurocom has been forced to close its doors just weeks after announcing huge redundancies. The Derby-based studio employed over 200 people prior to releasing 007 Legends earlier this year. It slashed that headcount to just 50 in November, before letting the remaining staff go earlier today. “Today...

  • News Nintendo: Our Competitors Need to React to What We're Doing

    Gadgets and gizmos

    Following his controversial interview with CNN earlier in the week, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has suggested that Sony will need to offer more than just upgraded visuals with the next PlayStation console. Chatting with CNET, the outspoken executive brushed aside claims that the recently released Wii U will be...

  • News 007 Legends Developer Eurocom Sheds a Chunk of Its Staff

    The world is not enough

    Legendary UK developer Eurocom has cut its workforce to just under 50 employees today. The studio – which previously employed over 200 people – has been forced to restructure after a decline in demand for console games. "Eurocom are undertaking a restructuring which I regret to say has meant we've made the majority of...

  • News Admit It, You Want This Glass DualShock 3

    Parting gift

    Jeff Rubenstein may have departed Sony Computer Entertainment America recently, but the social media wizard will always have something to remember his five years at the company with. In order to recognise his service, the platform holder has awarded the PlayStation Blog guru with a glass replica of the DualShock 3 controller. Not only...

  • Rumour Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Was Developed in Five Months


    People have been pretty harsh on developer Nihilistic Software, but it turns out that the studio may have actually worked miracles in order to release Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified at all. According to reliable online super sleuth Supererogatory, the PlayStation Vita exclusive shooter was developed in just five months – which explains...

  • News Sony Bend Recruiting for Blockbuster Vita Game

    New blood

    Sony Bend, the North American first-party studio responsible for the Syphon Filter franchise and the recent Uncharted: Golden Abyss, is staffing up for a new blockbuster PlayStation Vita title. A job listing for a Senior Staff Technical Animator on Gamasutra notes that the developer is currently looking for “top artistic talent to help...

  • News Have You Ever Wondered How Sony Could Afford Gaikai?

    Convertible bonds

    Sony is supposedly a shuffling financial wreck, but it still stumped up the $380 million required to acquire Gaikai. That doesn’t quite add up. Indeed, it turns out that the company is not quite as broke as it seems, having recently offloaded a slew of convertible bonds to the tune of $1.9 billion. A third of that cash will be...

  • News EA Resurrects Gothenburg Studio as Ghost

    Will haunt your hardware soon

    EA’s new Gothenburg studio has been renamed Ghost, according to a snazzy makeover on its website. The team is thought to be working on a next-generation entry in the Need for Speed series, with legendary producer Alan Baker at the helm. Former DICE executive Marcus Nilsson is currently in charge of the new developer...

  • News Senior Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein Exits PlayStation

    Thanks for the memories

    After a slew of rumours, Senior Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has confirmed that he’s leaving PlayStation. Those that have been invested in the brand since the early PS3 days will know that Jeff has played an integral part in transforming the PlayStation Blog into one of the most popular gaming websites in the world...

  • News Andrew House Is Quickly Becoming One of the Most Important People in Sony

    New roles

    Andrew House has continued his rapid ascension through Sony's corporate hierarchy by being named as the new president of Sony Network Entertainment. The affable executive will replace Tim Schaaff, who is set to retire on 31st December. The former SCEE boss will juggle the role alongside his current commitments as the CEO of Sony Computer...

  • News THQ Delays Its Entire Upcoming Line-up, Seeks Additional Capital


    Things sure aren't looking particularly rosy for troubled publisher THQ. Despite cutting its operating losses to $19 million compared to last year's terrifying $97 million, the company still can't catch a break. During a financial briefing earlier this evening, the organisation reported net sales of $107 million – before delaying its entire...

  • News Cliff Bleszinski Offers to Help Turn Resident Evil Around

    Gears of gore

    Currently unemployed video game luminary Cliff Bleszinski has offered to help resurrect Capcom’s ailing Resident Evil series. The former Epic Games employee Tweeted over the weekend, “Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together.” The distinguished designer played a pivotal part in transforming Microsoft’s Gears of...

  • News Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Developer Changes Name, Focuses on Mobile

    Dramatic turn of events

    You’ve officially tarnished Nihilistic Software’s name to the point where the studio has had to completely rebrand. The Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified developer announced this morning that it is renaming itself to nStigate. The stud

  • News Starhawk Developer Shrinks, Switches to iOS Development

    Times are changing

    We didn’t expect Starhawk developer LightBox Interactive to stay exclusive to Sony following the release of its most recent online multiplayer shooter, but we’re a little bit disappointed by the company’s decision to step away from console development altogether. Alas, company president Dylan Jobe confirmed overnight that...

  • News More BioShock Infinite Developers Depart on Sky-Lines

    Job done?

    That brand new BioShock Infinite trailer can’t come soon enough. Following rumours of a troubled development, a further two Irrational Games employees have departed the company. Both combat designer Clint Bundrick and AI lead Don Norbury have parted ways with the project, according to

  • News Backbone Entertainment Is on the Cusp of Closure

    Troubling times

    Port specialists Backbone Entertainment may be shut down, according to sources cited by IGN. The publication notes that the company is currently downsizing, with the hope that it will be able to continue to operate with a much “smaller” team. Of course, that won’t come as much comfort to the dozens of employees facing the chop...

  • News Sony Is Suing Bridgestone and, Erm, Kevin Butler

    Bizarre twist

    Switch off Match of the Day and replace that cup of cocoa for something stronger, because things are really heating up online. A handful of court documents have revealed that Sony is in the process of suing Bridgestone and advertising agency Wildcat Creek – which just so happens to be managed by Jerry Lambert, the actor best known...

  • News Sony: Gaming Habits Are Evolving at an Alarming Pace

    Going through changes

    The launch of PlayStation Mobile this week underlines Sony’s drive to keep its gaming brand relevant, according to UK gaffer Fergal Gara. The likeable executive was talking candidly with Eurogamer.net about the growth of the industry and the changes that are taking place. "Gaming habits are evolving at a hell of a pace,...

  • News Sony Opts Against Slashing the Vita's Price This Year

    Staying put

    Despite increasing pressure from the Nintendo 3DS and smartphones, Sony has decided not to drop the price of the PlayStation Vita this year. Speaking with Eurogamer.net, SCEUK managing director Fergal Gara explained that, while the company is considering a price-cut, it will not happen until next year. “We always aim to establish...

  • News Shuhei Yoshida Laments Limited Third-Party Vita Support

    Hot pursuit

    For the amount of stick the PlayStation Vita gets regarding its upcoming software line-up, there’s actually a lot of content to look forward to. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Street Fighter X Tekken are all on the way before Christmas, with Killzone: Mercenary and

  • Reaction What Sony's TGS Tells Us About PlayStation's Future

    Through the looking glass

    Sony shocked attendees at its Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier this week by announcing the PlayStation 3 Super Slim. Unfortunately, the corrugated console itself was not the reason for open-mouthed attendees – that accolade was reserved for its flummoxing price-point. Indeed, as opposed to positioning the aging...

  • News Patrick Seybold Exits Sony Computer Entertainment

    Greener grass

    Patrick Seybold – the employee saddled with the unfortunate task of spinning Sony’s often disappointing NPD sales results into something positive – has left PlayStation after 12 years. The veteran SCEA employee announced the news on Twitter earlier this week, confirming that he has a new role at mobile outfit TapJoy lined up...

  • News Darksiders II Leads The Way in August NPD Results

    Don't mess with Death

    The NPD results for August have been released, which were no doubt greeted by many sweaty brows within the gaming industry. The overall picture for U.S. game sales is worrying, with a drop in software sales of 9% compared to the same period last year, though PS3 has reportedly produced improved sales compared to July. The...

  • News Assassin's Creed 3 Development Was a "Rare Opportunity"

    Last of the triple-A "dinosaurs"

    Assassin's Creed III on PS3 is one of the triple-A titles heading to the system this Holiday season, alongside a certain Activision behemoth, of course. It's undoubtedly a big budget title, with a lengthy development period and a big team from across Ubisoft's various studios. Yet, as new hardware emerges in the next...

  • News Sony Shuts Down WipEout Developer Studio Liverpool

    No, no, no

    Sony has shut down legendary WipEout developer Studio Liverpool. The unfortunate news was originally revealed on the GRCade forum, but has since been confirmed by a slew of staff on Twitter. The British outfit – which originally started life as Psygnosis – has been in business since 1984. Sandy Lobban, an audio lead at the developer,...

  • News Sony Struggling to Secure Third-Party Content for Vita

    Keep calm and carry on

    According to an Official PlayStation Magazine interview with the brutally honest Shuhei Yoshida, Sony is struggling to secure third-party support for the PlayStation Vita. The system's sales have stumbled since release – a factor which may be contributing to the uncertainty. “We’re having a more difficult time than we...

  • News Sony Reps Planning to Storm Anaheim, CA on 18th August

    Water balloons at the ready

    This year marks the 4th Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends at Westwood College in Anaheim, CA. The event is free to attend and features panels, workshops and even pitch sessions, but one event (you can view a complete list here) stands out in particular: Water Balloon Trebuchet. And while Water Balloon Trebuchet...

  • News THQ Shelves Guillermo Del Toro's inSANE

    Not exactly crazy

    In arguably the most unsurprising turn of events, THQ has ceased development on Guillermo Del Toro's inSANE and returned the rights to the Mexican director. The information was announced during THQ’s quarterly financial call overnight, in which the troubled publisher actually exceeded expectations. It recorded a net income of...

  • News UK Retail Software Sales Slump to Lowest Ever Tally


    Retail software sales in the UK smashed records last week – by sinking lower than they’ve ever sunk before. MCV reports that 394,688 games were sold during the seven day period, generating just £8.4 million. It’s not entirely surprising that the figures dipped so dramatically – the games industry is essentially on holiday, and...

  • News E3 Staying in Los Angeles Until 2015

    Looks like another perfect day

    In an announcement that will mean very little to the majority of you, the Electronic Software Association has announced that E3 will remain in Los Angeles until 2015. A sojourn to Vegas had been rumoured while the West Hall of the LA Convention Center is reconstructed into an epic new Farmer’s Field stadium – but...

  • News Konami Opens New PES Studio in London

    Cultural excursion

    Pro Evolution Soccer is locked in a fierce battle with FIFA. Despite dominating the PS2 era, Konami’s once-world beating soccer sim has struggled against the new-found enthusiasm of EA’s franchise. But the Japanese publisher is eager to topple its closest competitor – and one way it hopes to achieve that is by opening a new...

  • News Ubisoft Isn't Too Happy About the PS3's Protracted Lifespan

    Brain drain

    Assassin’s Creed III may be poised to become one of the biggest games of the year, but Ubisoft gaffer Yves Guillemot still isn’t particularly happy about the length of the current console generation. Chatting with Gamasutra, the company executive claimed that publishers are being “penalised” by the lack of new consoles, and...