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  • News Greatness Awaits in Sony's New Budget PS3 Software Bundles

    Hong Kong won't have to wait long

    With the PlayStation 4 now readily available in most parts of the world, the PlayStation 3 is rapidly becoming a cheaper option for cash conscious gamers. Enter these brilliant new software bundles, which are set to release in Hong Kong next week. For starters, the ‘Artistic Pack’ includes classics such as ICO,...

  • News Hong Kong's Got The Hots For PlayStation Vita

    Pre-orders for the PlayStation Vita opened in Hong Kong this weekend, prompting all of the expected madness

    Hong Kong is the second region to get its hands-on Sony's new handheld, prompting prospective consumers to mob retailers and online stores in order to secure their system. According to an eye-witness report from Engadget China's Richard Lai,...

  • News Hong Kong Are To Host A PS3 Slim Launch Party

    Sony are to hold a launch party for the PS3 Slim in Hong Kong, starting 6PM August 31st and running right through until past midnight on September 1st

    The celebration will mark the launch of Sony's latest system in Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong's major shopping areas. Apparently there will be umbrellas too.