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  • Review Crimsonland (PlayStation 4)

    Don't fear the reaper

    Twin-stick shooters are like Hollywood action films. They’re violent, bold, and, while there’s plenty going around, very few are actually any good. Crimsonland is the latest entry in the once popular genre, and does very little to differentiate itself from the competition. But does this adherence to tried and tested tropes...

  • News PS4 Title Crimsonland Will Give You a Crash Course in Twin-Stick Shooting

    Releasing in a few weeks

    If the summer drought is getting you down, never fear, as twin-stick shooter Crimsonland has recently been announced for release on the PlayStation 4 very soon. The title will bring intense arcade action to Sony's super system on 16th July in America, and 15th July in Europe. Before we talk about the actual game, though, we...