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  • Talking Point Why Push PlayStation Vita to 2012?

    Part one: Wii are watching U

    The sound of thousands of shattered Christmas wishes echoed across the globe last week, as Sony revealed that PS Vita won't reach North America and Europe until 2012. The company maintained all along that the system would launch in the "global market" by the end of 2011, technically exonerating as PS Vita will release in...

  • News Street Fighter X Tekken Producer on PS Vita

    How will it differ from other versions?

    Street Fighter X Tekken Producer Yoshinori Ono recently discussed the unique features Capcom is hoping to bring to the PS Vita version of the game, detailing the cross-over fighter during EVO 2011. Ono confirmed that his team is working hard to integrate Continuation Play, which allows users to seamlessly...

  • News PS Vita Doubles as a PS3 Controller

    Watch out Wii U

    Naughty Dog already started the Wii U vs PS Vita debate ealier this month, claiming that the handheld system, when paired with the PS3, could deliver an experience similar to the Wii U. Sony too confirmed that games like Ruin allow players to seamlessly switch between PS3 and PS Vita gameplay, much the same way the Wii U tablet can...