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  • News Phineas and Ferb Get Some Evil News

    Blu-ray to feature cartoons too.

    Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension is coming to PlayStation Move next month, but the pointy-faced duo just got some evil news, as the trailer below shows. The Disney adventurers will be making their first appearance on PlayStation 3 in a new co-operative adventure, and you can use Sony's motion controller...

  • News DanceDanceRevolution Gets New Moves in Europe in March

    PS3 title on the way

    DanceDanceRevolution has been out in North America for a while now, but European fans of the dancing series were clueless as to when or if the game would make its way to the continent. Until now, that is, with Konami renaming the game DanceDanceRevolution New Moves and bringing it over in March 2011. Coming to the continent with...