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  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 281

    On the agenda

    Congratulations if you made it through this swelteringly hot week – the next one is supposed to be even warmer. The good news is that you can always close the curtains, shut the world out, and sit back with some video games – and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. Here’s what we’re playing. Stephen Tailby, Associate...

  • News PS Plus Subscribers Save a Huge 75 Per Cent in US PSN Flash Sale

    A Plague Tale: Innocence part of the lineup

    Sony’s decided to get a little spontaneous this week, as it’s dropped the latest US PlayStation Store Flash Sale a day early. Scheduled to run from now through 8AM PT on 22nd July, the promotional period will see titles like A Plague Tale: Innocence ($34.99) and Batman: Arkham Knight ($15.99) heavily...

  • News Cyberpunk 2077 Will Dance in the Dark without Lady Gaga


    Cyberpunk 2077 fans had been hoping for a Bad Romance, with rumours of Lady Gaga joining the project as both a cast member and one of its composers. CD Projekt RED, however, has maintained its Poker Face on the subject – until now. Speaking with WCCFTech, user interface co-ordinator Alvin Liu admitted that while the superstar would fit right...

  • News June 2019 NPD: Days of Play Does the Business for PS4

    Massive increase for PS4 exclusives

    Sony’s annual Days of Play promotion has become a big part of the PlayStation calendar, with a surprising number of exclusive titles making the June 2019 NPD software best-sellers list. Discounted favourites such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, MLB The Show 19, and God of War all made the month’s Top 20...

  • News Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Leaks out of Comic-Con

    Avengers disassembled

    Behind closed doors demos rarely ever go according to plan; there’s always going to be one nefarious individual recording the action via potato cam. That proved true for Marvel’s Avengers at E3 2019, and has occurred once again at San Diego Comic Com 2019. As a result, publisher Square Enix is going to be busy filing...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man Is the Best-Selling Superhero Game Ever

    In the United States, anyway

    Just how well did PlayStation 4 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man sell? Staggeringly well, if we’re honest. While it was previously recognised by United States-based sales tracking firm NPD as the fastest selling superhero game ever, it’s since become the best-selling game in its category – period. That means it’s...

  • News Oculus Wants to Trade with Sony for PSVR Exclusives

    "We've thought about it"

    In what would be an unprecedented instance of video game swapsies, Oculus bigwig Jason Rubin has said that his company would “love” to trade exclusive games with competitor Sony. The former Naughty Dog man told Kotaku that “they have great stuff that they’ve funded and we have great stuff that we’ve funded”. The...

  • News Sony San Diego Has a Brand New Office and Logo

    First-party developer on the move

    It’s all change at MLB The Show developer Sony San Diego, which seems to be the latest team under the PlayStation first-party umbrella to be leveling up. The studio – which also houses the Product Development Services Group and, purportedly, an entirely new unit rumoured to be working on an original Uncharted...

  • News Days Gone 1.25 Patch Drops as First Motorcycle Challenge Drifts In

    Drifter's run

    The post-release support for Days Gone has proved both a blessing and a curse. Sony Bend has done a brilliant job of addressing criticism levelled at the PlayStation 4 exclusive open worlder promptly, but those 15GB updates sure do start to add up. Your bandwidth is about to take another battering regardless, as the Oregon-based...

  • News Super Mario 64's Physics Flawlessly Recreated in Dreams


    A complaint often levelled at user-generated content is that it rarely plays as well as a professionally made game. It’s a fair criticism: hobbyist creators working in suites such as LittleBigPlanet are often capable of incredible artistic achievements, but it’s rare for amateurs to get that all-important “feel” right. That’s what...

  • News PS Vita's Not Quite Done Yet, Despite Reports to the Contrary


    Sony’s largely called time on the PlayStation Vita, with hardware and cartridge production mostly over. There are still a surprising number of titles being published globally on the PlayStation Store, however, but there had been some speculation overnight that support may be coming to an abrupt end.

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 280

    Long summer

    Gosh, does anyone else feel like WAYP comes around frighteningly fast? Heck, we’re already up to Issue 280 and it barely feels like yesterday that we kickstarted this feature with chatter about games like… Far Cry 3! Anyway, it’s summer so things are slow at the moment, but here’s what we’re playing this weekend. Robert...

  • Soapbox Why Sony's PS5 Strategy Will Pay Dividends

    Sammy believes giant is right to target hardcore gamers

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the PlayStation 5 is poised to "fail", and op-ed writers around the world are scrambling for the hottest take. One article published by financial site CCN – not to be confused with American news network CNN, to be clear – was bold enough to declare...

  • News Death Stranding PS4 Screens Shared on Social Media by Hideo Kojima

    Social strands

    Metal Gear auteur Hideo Kojima is taking a break from posing in his ostentatious hallway, and is now opting to share off-screen photographs of Death Stranding on his social media pages. All of the shots have a common theme: they show protagonist Sam – played by The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus – resting in the wilderness...

  • Guide Best PS4 Horror Games

    Scary PlayStation 4 games that will make you scream

    What are the best horror games on PS4? The good news (or perhaps bad news for the scaredy-cats among you) is that the PS4 is home to wealth of creepy releases, from blockbuster franchises like Resident Evil through to psychological indie adventures such as Inside. We’ve put together a list of the...

  • Hands On Until Dawn Dev Evolves Interactive Drama with Man of Medan Multiplayer

    Holding hands

    Man of Medan, the first instalment in Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games’ new interactive drama series The Dark Pictures Anthology, has a secret: it’s fully playable in online co-op – and it’s unexpectedly brilliant. The Guildford-based developer has somehow managed to keep its ambitious multiplayer mode under wraps, but...

  • Guide How to Fix PSVR's Blurry Image

    Clean up the unfocused image quality of your PlayStation VR headset

    How do you fix PSVR's blurry image? It’s the ultimate immersion killer, after all – there’s a beautiful virtual world rendered all around you, but you’re fighting fog to see it. There’s always going to be some degree of fuzziness when you’re playing PlayStation VR due to...

  • News Shenmue III Backers Irate as Pre-Order Bonuses Not Included

    Season Pass also sold separately

    Regardless of whether it will live up to expectations or not, Shenmue III is at long last beginning to look like a finished product, which should be cause for celebration. Unfortunately, the long awaited sequel has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late – mostly due to developer Ys Net accepting a...

  • News Anticipated Sequel Psychonauts 2 Delayed to 2020

    All change

    It’s all change at developer Double Fine: the studio is now part of Microsoft’s first-party portfolio and Psychonauts 2 has been delayed. The anticipated sequel – which was originally due out in 2019 – will now deploy in 2020. Don’t worry about the Xbox acquisition, though – it’ll still launch on the PlayStation 4, as...

  • Soapbox Nintendo Switch Lite Signals the Need for a PS4 Super Slim

    Sammy reckons it's time for one last revision

    I don’t know if you realise this, but the PlayStation 4 still costs $299.99 officially. Sony has added value to the console by increasing its base hard drive size and also by bundling in software, but it’s more or less maintained the same MSRP for nearing three years now. That’s a testament to the...

  • Weirdness Russia Has a Tank Controlled with a DualShock

    Press X to attack

    There's more crossover between games consoles and the military than you may think – after all, remember when Iraq caused concern when it imported 4,000 PlayStation 2 consoles purportedly as part of a plan to build a supercomputer designed to control a chemical weapon? Well, now Russia's getting in on the act, as its latest tank...

  • Guide New PS4 Games Releasing in July 2019

    Every upcoming PlayStation 4 release date in July 2019

    What new PS4 games are releasing in July 2019? We're deep into the summer now, so highlights are few and far between. The biggest games due this month are the two Wolfenstein spin-offs, but spare a thought for a Dragon Quest Builders 2, too. New PS4 Games Releasing in July 2019:...

  • News New Shenmue III Screenshots Show Chai, Fully Playable Arcade

    Lan Di also puts in an appearance

    Ryo Hazuki’s frenzied skinhead adversary Chai will return in Shenmue III – powered by the protagonist’s Hong Kong ferry ticket. New screenshots from the long-awaited sequel show the crazed individual attempting to attack the hero and his accomplice Shenhua, while other images reveal antagonist Lan Di...

  • News Woah! Crash Bandicoot Made in Dreams Is the Real Deal

    Open world Spongebob Squarepants also in the works

    Here’s our bi-weekly update on Dreams, the game that’s practically going to keep us in clicks every time there’s a slow news day. Take this Crash Bandicoot-inspired level, which may be lacking the right kind of soundtrack but excels in every other area. The creator – a user called milbox –...