Wipeout HD is a game that's inherently pretty. Pinball Heroes' Wipeout table therefore, is similarly dreamy. Staying true to the source material, the Wipeout table in Pinball Heroes is all about large blocks of colour. Taking the mantra of the "Fury" DLC, the Wipeout table is half blue and half red.

The table is powered by a race mechanic. At the head of the screen are four separate routes which the ball can be fired towards. Comboing these sections not only increases your score, but also advances your progress through a race. There are "other" racers on the track, so you need to ensure you hit the routes with frequency to stay in first-place. It's a simple mechanic (especially when compared to some of Pinball Heroes' other tables), but it actually makes this one of the more accessible offerings in Pinball Heroes' catalogue.

The stage is brought to life by simple flashing lights, and some great lightning effects when the ball ventures into a flipper section at the top of the table. It lacks the invention of the other Pinball Heroes tables, but it feels true to the source material. It's also an advantage that the table doesn't take several hours to learn — though this does take away from the depth somewhat.


Pinball Heroes is a PlayStation Portable application developed by Sony San Diego. It’s available from the PlayStation Store where tables can be bought in bulk, or separately. Each table includes online scoreboards and trophies.