Superhot: Mind Control Delete treads very familiar ground to the original. Time slows to a crawl when you don't move, and you use this quirk to outmanoeuvre and kill countless crimson crystalline men. In terms of gameplay, this follow-up isn't a huge leap forward, but there's plenty of twists to the formula that make this a must-play for fans -- and not just because you can get it for free.

Things start out as you remember -- dodging bullets, throwing objects, and destroying those red avatars in myriad ways. The game's structure veers off into something less ordered than its predecessor. After a while, you can choose from various Nodes, which contain a number of successive stages. Completing these unlocks new pathways to other Nodes, or perhaps a new ability or power-up of some kind. Before starting a Node, you can choose a Core, which grant you a perk for that set of levels, and between stages, you can choose one of two randomly selected Hacks. These extra power-ups improve your basic abilities, heal you, and more. They're well worth seeking out by playing all the nodes you can find, especially as there are numerous new enemy types to contend with.

They serve to make you even more powerful in a world where you can already slow time. Gameplay might be much the same, but the Cores and Hacks make the action far more varied. The random nature of the level order and the Hacks offered to you mean there's almost a rogue-like flavour to it, though this is still very much a linear game. It's just a little wider, and that meta-storyline and clinical creepiness is absolutely still part of the experience. Endless and Infinite modes mean you'll never run short of baddies to break, a task that's just as satisfying here -- if not more so with the added power-ups.