Kine presents itself as a quirky, light-hearted puzzle game, and it is one, but it's also way harder than it looks. You must guide three different characters through simple stages to reach the exit -- it's a pretty straightforward setup. However, each of the sentient contraptions -- all aspiring musicians, of course -- are unusually shaped, and so making your way to the goal becomes a test of spatial awareness.

For example, one character, Quat, is a basic cube shape with a double-ended horn you can slide from one side of him to the other. This unique form means rolling to the exit isn't ever a straightforward path. The same goes for the other two characters and their own shape-altering quirks. The result is a refreshing and challenging puzzler that will really test your grey matter -- especially when levels feature more than one character.

Levels are short and played in batches, which makes the whole game feel tidily designed. It's also very easy to undo/redo moves, or reset a level entirely if you really screw up. Presentation is slick, and the jazzy music will definitely get into your head. One thing that grinds our gears, though, is the odd spike in difficulty. The curve is usually well judged, but a few times we were left completely flummoxed by certain stages. This is maybe something that will vary from one person to the next, but Kine can become extremely difficult in the blink of an eye.

We wouldn't necessarily let that put you off, though. Sometimes you'll have multiple paths of levels you can tackle, so if you do get stuck, you can always back out and try a different stage. Overall, this is an intelligent, neatly packaged puzzler worth checking out.