Kill It with Fire channels your inner arachnophobe and tasks you with exterminating the world’s spiders. You’re armed with everything from a strimmer to a flamethrower in your quest to commit arachnid genocide. You’re also given a selection of non-lethal tools to attract the little blighters or slow them down with a fire extinguisher to their eight eyes. These items all serve a specific purpose, and though some are similar, they’re gloriously chaotic. Occasionally the hit detection can be a little clunky, however.

Basic gameplay suits a basic premise, but while it’s simple, Kill It with Fire is also great fun. The visuals give the game a cartoonish tone, especially when you’re setting entire buildings on fire to take down one eight-legged nightmare. Indeed, the spiders are the real selling point. By far the most terrifying are the “jumpers” who provide heart-stopping scares that give Slender Man a run for his money.

Gameplay is expertly intertwined with sound design in Kill It with Fire. Audio cues are important, as a spider on the move is signalled by a wonderfully hideous violin suite straight out of a Hitchcock flick. The spiders’ squeaks are equally unnerving, and there’s little worse than the sound of the queen’s egg sack bursting. You’ll want to play this one with the sound turned up for the best experience.

The biggest problem with the game is its length. If you storm through the eight main levels, you can breeze through in about five hours. With that said, there’s a selection of unlockables, mini-quests, and even a secret final level. It also offers the ability to replay past levels with new equipment. It’s a fleeting experience that stands out from the web with its humour, excellent sound design, and genuine laughs, frights, and thrills.