Fury Unleashed doesn't live up to the name of its developer, but it may still be worth checking out if you’re into Spelunky and Dead Cells. This comic book-inspired rogue-lite is packed with so much action that it quickly becomes the experience's defining trait. Despite it not doing anything new, Fury Unleashed is an enjoyable, if all too brief shooter.

Awesome Games Studio has taken full advantage of the comic books the game takes place in. Your customisable character will fight their way through the panels of various cartoon sketches to make it to the next chapter. Along the way, enemies originating from Egypt, World War 2, and space will try to stop you in your tracks while a healthy amount of bosses present even greater challenges to overcome. To match them, lots of guns and melee weapons can be sourced from chests, quests, and purchased from vendors during runs.

It's a fairly typical set up for a rogue-lite, but it's done with the grace of a big-budget title. Impressively responsive controls make dodging bullets a breeze while an upgrade system accessed after death allows you to better your character. The game may seem simple at first glance, but there's quite a lot more to it than meets the eye. You can even bring a friend along for the ride with local co-op.

Its biggest problem then is that it's over all too quickly. Of course, rogue-lites are designed to be replayed over and over again. However, with just four comic books to work through, you'll see everything Fury Unleashed has to offer much quicker than you might expect. Boss fights are randomised, but the action in between feels wholly similar. As such, it makes for a quick-fire burst of enjoyment that, on the whole, puts a smile on your face every step of the way. Just don't expect Fury Unleashed to entice you into coming back for more.