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Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is a post-apocalyptic point-and-click that may have slipped under your radar. Depicting the tale of an amnesiac named Michael, this weird and wonderful graphic adventure deals with the fallout of a global catastrophe named the Great Wave, which has left humans plagued by a pandemic that forces their bodies to “dissolve”.

If it sounds macabre then it is: the Fictiorama Studios developed foray pulls no punches, touching upon all sorts of challenging subject matter as it snowballs towards its conclusion – and showing some pretty harrowing scenes. The story is extremely engaging and surprisingly well written, though the voice acting isn’t always on par with the dialogue itself.

Sadly, the gameplay doesn’t quite match up with the content. Inspired by legendary LucasArts games of yore, you’ll be pixel hunting for important objects and combining them in questionable ways in order to progress. This can kill the pacing at times as you seek to find solutions to seemingly impossible puzzles, though it’s never quite as obscure as some of the releases it’s inspired by.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today Review - Screenshot 1 of

A lack of environments mean that there’s not really a whole lot to see and do, but that keeps the plot tight and limits the amount of back-tracking. The frustrating thing is that the fiction ends right when it's at its peak, and there doesn’t appear to be a sequel from the Spanish developer dropping any time soon.

But don’t let that take away from what’s actually here: there’s a really compelling plot that seems to effortlessly toggle between time travel, sci-fi, and straight-up “gross out” horror. The campaign is peppered with a handful of moments that will stick with you, and even though the ending is ultimate sequel bait, it’s always best to be left wanting more when the credits roll.


A surprisingly strong adventure game with a plot that will push you through some of its more ambiguous puzzles, perhaps the biggest downside to Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is that there needs to be more of it. This story ends just as it’s getting started, but while it persists, you’ll be pulled into its haunting landscape, where every person you encounter runs the risk of being reduced to a puddle of matter on the floor.