What if Pokémon had to be planted and nurtured in order to grow into creatures you could battle with? That’s the question Farmagia will aim to answer when it launches on PS5 from 1st November. The game – a kind of monster hunting and farming hybrid – features art from Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tale and Edens Zero.

The press release explains: “In the world of Felicidad farmers known as Farmagia raise and command monsters who live in harmony under the watchful eye of the Magus Diluculum. This peace brought prosperity to the land until the death of the Magus, which drew opportunists seeking to use monsters to seize power for themselves. The spreading conflict reaches the town of Centvelt, forcing resident Farmagia Ten and his friends to join the battle against the despotic new ruler Glaza.

“Players will take the role of Ten and his fellow Farmagia friends, cultivating and commanding an army of home-grown monsters as they explore Felicidad's treacherous lands, searching for valuable resources to improve their farm. As Ten’s skill and farm improve, he’ll have access to more monsters to nurture and new traits to aid him in his fight for freedom!”

Weird Pokémon, Harvest Moon Hybrid Farmagia Grows a PS5 Release 5

As alluded to above, you’ll need to use protagonist Ten’s ranch to harvest new creatures, which can then be trained and used in battle. “Befriend the Elemental Spirits living across the world of Felicidad and increase Ten’s relationship bonds to unlock new ultimate monsters and transformations, adding new strength to his fight against Glaza,” the press release reads.

Pre-orders for a Limited Edition retail version will be available soon, featuring a physical copy of the game, a soundtrack CD, and an artbook with more than 90 pages of illustrations. And if you’re still not entirely sure what to expect, check out the trailer embedded above.

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