Maze Theory, the publisher behind VR titles Doctor Who: The Edge of Time and Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom, has announced it's porting Infinite Inside to PSVR2 on 12th July 2024. First released into early access on AppLab, the full release brings room-scale alternate reality and VR gameplay to Sony's headset, featuring all of the tracking features you would hope for. There's no price attached yet, but you can check out the trailer above.

Across five different worlds, you'll investigate the "mysteries of a secret society, committed to maintaining the balance of order and chaos. Players are enticed to solve the puzzles, reveal the truth about society, the legacy of the Plinth and own their place in this mystical world." This involves solving 3D puzzles in both VR and AR, with the game switching between the two when needed. The game will also release on Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest 3, and Steam.

CEO at Maze Theory, Ian Hambleton, said: "It's the advanced, innovative new experience that early adopters of MR technology (Quest 3, Apple VisionPro) have been waiting for. The game has a broad appeal for curious creatives and problem solvers, tech enthusiasts as well as fans of adventure and puzzle gaming. It’s pure escapism and offers top quality graphic environments and intuitive authentic interaction."

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