Metaphor ReFantazio Romance

Atlus' upcoming RPG, Metaphor: ReFantazio, seems built around systems that wouldn't feel out of place in the developer's Persona series. It's got turn-based battles that hinge on striking enemy weaknesses, it's got warrior spirits that you can summon in combat, and — most crucially to this article — it's got a bonding system where you can hang out with key characters, learning more about them in the process.

Unlike the Persona games, however, the bonding system stops there. As it turns out, you won't be able to take things a step further and romance your favourite waifus — a revelation that's sure to disappoint those who are already madly in love with Hulkenberg, the party's red-haired, elven knight.

Indeed, the lack of romance was noted during a recent question and answer session, as reported by Siliconera. Atlus went on to reiterate that you'll still be able to forge deep friendships with your allies, and that additional narratives will be told through substories. What's more, getting to know the surrounding cast will unlock new archetypes — which are basically the game's character classes.

In the Persona games, romance isn't a requirement — it's really just a way to personalise your playthrough. But still, it's a little surprising that Metaphor won't be pursuing such a thing, especially when it tends to generate so much conversation!

Did you expect romance to be a part of Metaphor? Feel free to cancel your pre-order in the comments section below.

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