Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Is Getting a Closed Alpha Test Very Soon 1

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is starting to pick up a bit of steam as we approach its launch in February 2024. WB Games has kicked off a video series providing an overview of the antihero action game, and now it's emerged there will soon be a closed alpha test across multiple platforms, including PS5.

The game's official website has a registration page, allowing you to sign up for a chance to get into the test. It's being held between 30th November at 6am PST/9am EST/2pm GMT and 4th December at 12am PST/3am EST/8am GMT.

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As is usually the case with these things, the closed alpha is primarily being held to test the game's networking and online features. "Please note, the game is still in development, and this test will only represent a smaller, specific section of the campaign and will not be representative of the full/final experience," WB Games stresses.

If you do want to take part, you'll first need a Warner account, and participants will also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, "as this test is private and confidential". Typically, footage gets out from stuff like this whether there's an NDA or not, so the game's alpha test may leak once it gets started.

Again, if you're curious to try the game out and help test its online, you can sign up on the website. Will you try to get into the alpha test for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Let us know in the comments section below.

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