Immortals of Aveum PS5

Ascendant Studios has today announced it'll be deploying a huge PS5 patch for Immortals of Aveum on 16th November 2023 that adds new playable content, New Game+, and an even tougher difficulty mode in Grand Magnus. On that same day, the PS5 game will also be available for anyone to play for free up until the third chapter via a PS Store Free Trial.

In terms of the new content, The Echollector update adds new objectives to the endgame that grant you access to new areas via portals. You can begin the content after reaching Glaivegate, at which point protagonist "Jak must rid Aveum of these Shatterfanes and put a stop to whatever malevolent forces are siphoning away the Path’s power in a new boss fight". Completing these new tasks unlocks lore and more gear to kit yourself out in.

You can then take all of that knowledge and power into a New Game+ playthrough, where the chance to upgrade your gear further unlocks. Your Epic and Legendary items can be improved even more, while enemies have been rebalanced across their health, damage, and abilities. You'll probably want to try the new Grand Magnus difficulty option in a New Game+ run (though you can select it for a brand new game) and face "Sandrakk’s forces like never before in the most challenging mode yet. Every fight will be a battle for survival as you push your way through the Everwar and forge yourself into an Immortal worthy of the name."

Before all that, though, another PS5 patch will be released later today that "provides performance boosts". Are you interested in returning to Immortals of Aveum with new content later in the month? Let us know in the comments below.