If Honkai: Star Rail is your first foray into the wonderful world of HoYoverse, then welcome to the party – and the seriously impressive churn of new content updates. Following the game’s release on PS5 a few weeks ago, it’s time to get ready for v1.5, the game’s next major expansion which will include three new characters, a new area, and various in-game events.

The Crepuscule Zone will open up an entirely new location in the Xianzhou Luofo named the Fyxestroll Garden, a spooky destination filled with paranormal cases. You’ll need to assemble a ghost hunting squad to deal with the supernatural threat, with healer Huohuo among the characters introduced. She’ll also be available in a time-limited banner, alongside four-star character Hanya.

“Hanya is a Physical-Type character following the Path of Harmony,” the press release reads. “Aside from dealing physical damage to a single target during battles, Hanya’s Skill can also afflict the target with a Burden state. When an ally executes a set amount of attacks on an enemy marked with Burden, they will not only deal increased damage to that enemy but also regain a Skill Point.”

The third character rounding out the roster of new arrivals is Argenti, a Physical five-star who subscribes to the path of Erudition. He’s unique in that his Ultimate deals more intense damage depending on how much Energy he deploys. He’ll probably pair well with the aforementioned Huohuo, as her Ultimate allows characters to replenish their Energy.

Complementing the new characters further will be a bunch of new Relic types that should further diversify your team-building options, and if you’re looking for some new combat scenarios to test out your updated squad, look no further than World 8 of the Simulated Universe. This is all in addition to various other events, like a photography challenge involving March 7th.

There’s absolutely tons to keep you busy here, then, with the usual denominations of Stellar Jade and other treasured items available to recognise your efforts. Will you be pulling for any of these new characters when The Crepuscule Zone arrives on 15th November? Solve a paranormal mystery in the comments section below.

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