Hands up: who remembers Hogs of War? Published by Infogrames late in the PS1's life, this was a 3D, military-themed, turn-based strategy game, only instead of human soldiers, it was pigs at war with each other. Playing a little bit like a 3D Worms (before Worms 3D existed), it secured cult hit status thanks to its silly British humour and fun multiplayer battles. If you're among those who fondly remember this oddball title, you're in luck — it's coming back.

Hogs of War Lardcore is the name of the project, and it's an official remaster of the game, targeting a launch on PS5 and PS4. With a team led by the original developer's CEO, Ian Stewart, Lardcore is bringing the porky strategy title to modern machines with updated visuals and, if all goes well, online multiplayer and a multi-platform release. Meanwhile, it'll retain the original game's voice acting and soundtrack.

While it appears the project has made some good progress, the team at Urbanscan is taking it to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the remainder of the remaster's development. The campaign begins in one week, starting on 17th October 2023 and running through to 16th November. In that time, the team is looking to raise £150,000, with stretch goals that'll allow the implementation of online networking, new gameplay options, and a port to PC.

What do you think of this project? Will you be pledging some money to make Hogs of War Lardcore a reality? Go ham with those pig puns in the comments section below.

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