Atlus, true to its word, has released the next in a series of Persona 3 Reload character trailers, making good on last week's threat. We're introduced to the inimitable Yukari Takeba, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad's ghost-fearing sharpshooter.

We've inevitably come around on Persona 3 Reload, having made peace with the fact that some of the features we'd hoped for won't be in the immaculate-looking remake. Predictably, once the thought of our favourite story getting the benefit of an upgraded battle system, not to mention all-new story scenes and character interactions, finally sank in, we forgot our earlier misgivings and will be there on day one. No matter how grievously Atlus wounds us, there's just no denying the power of Persona.

What do you think of this depiction of Yukari? Who do you think we will see next week? Blast Mass Destruction on infinite repeat in the comments section below.