Persona 3 Reload is becoming more real by the day, as evidenced by a new trailer introducing us to S.E.E.S's fearless protagonist, voiced by Aleks Le. In fact, Atlus has promised weekly character tributes, so please be excited about that. We get an appropriately awesome introduction to our stoic protagonist, who we can look forward to playing on PS5 and PS4 when this remade RPG launches on 2nd February.

We've about resigned ourselves to playing without our preferred protagonist and must admit Reload is starting to become an undeniably appealing prospect. The setting, story, and cast have always been fantastic, and the more we learn about the proposed changes, the more eagerly we anticipate a long-overdue return to Tartarus.

Where are you at with Persona 3 Reload? Did you play the game in any of its previous incarnations, or will this be your own introduction? Let us know in the comments section below.

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