Person 3 Reload Social Links

We've all seen the new character models and portraits for your party members in Persona 3 Reload, but what about the supporting cast? Introduced in the original Persona 3, the social link system lets you forge bonds with the supporting cast โ€” a collection of quirky students and city-goers โ€” and fresh images of these secondary characters are now doing the rounds on social media.

We get a look at lover of older women Kenji, track runner Kaz, strict student council member Hidetoshi, and meticulous club leader Keisuke. There's also the food-obsessed Nozomi, track member (and romance option) Yuko, shy student treasurer (and romance option) Chihiro, and flamboyant foreign exchange student Bebe.

It's assumed that all of these social links will unfold in the same way that they did in the original release, but honestly, it's just cool seeing all of these characters brought up to speed with the remake's new art style.

Who are your favourite social links from Persona 3? Are you looking forward to seeing these familiar faces again in Reload, or will this be your first meeting? Try to be sociable in the comments section below.