GTA 6's Innovative PS5 Animation Engine Promises to Be Highly Dynamic and Realistic 1

Rockstar rarely ever rests on its laurels from project to project, and considering it’s been over ten years since GTA 5, we can surely expect GTA 6 to be a revolutionary experience. But while the label is keeping its cards close to its chest regarding the project, one eagle-eyed Reddit user has discovered a patent pertaining to what could potentially be the open world sequel’s locomotion engine.

While the documentation gets quite technical, the submission alludes to a system whereby the developer can leverage a library of small “building blocks” for character movements. These can then be combined in a variety of different ways, allowing for a multitude of unique animations, like when a character is walking in the rain, injured, or getting tired.

The idea is that said “building blocks” could be leveraged to create for a wider spectrum of animations, thus resulting in a “highly dynamic and realistic” experience. Considering Rockstar has always been a cut above when it comes to character animations, dating all the way back to even GTA 4 on the PS3, we can certainly envisage this being an area it’s invested significant effort.

Of course, we’re all still awaiting that first ever reveal trailer right now. Publishing overlord Take Two has hinted that the game may deploy between April 2024 and March 2025, but with no official media of the sequel available, that’s a target that seems hard to believe. Rockstar is notorious for following its own timeline, however, so we’ll just have to sit tight for now and pray for further updates.

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