GTA 6 Release Window

Take Two, the mega publisher behind Rockstar, is expecting big revenue between April 2024 and March 2025 — otherwise known as fiscal year 2024. This is according to the company's latest earnings call, as reported by Stephen Totilo — who goes on to make the fair point that this is probably when Take Two expects Grand Theft Auto 6 to drop.

Indeed, the publisher forecasts "$8 billion in net bookings" during the aforementioned period, which would be compared to the $5.5 billion in the current fiscal year. In other words, the company thinks something is going to make it an awful lot of money during that time — and Rockstar's next blockbuster is pretty much the only thing that springs to mind.

This isn't the first time Take Two has pointed towards a major release in fiscal year 2024, by the way, which obviously only adds fuel to the fire. Back in May, the publisher dropped similar hints, saying that it had "groundbreaking titles" in the pipeline.

It's also worth touching on the massive GTA 6 leak that happened last year, in which a huge amount of work-in-progress footage found its way online. After the drama, Take Two stated that the leak would have no impact on the game's ongoing development. Again, the timeline kind of fits with this assumption that GTA 6 is targeting April 2024 to March 2025.

What do you think? Is GTA 6 a lock for sometime next year, or maybe a little bit later? Or are we going to be waiting on it for even longer? Feel free to make some crazy predictions in the comments section below.