Astral Ascent is a lovely-looking roguelite in the action platformer tradition, and it's been announced for PS5 and PS4, beginning its own ascent on 14th November. Coming out of Steam Early Access, this one jumps to console with its 1.0 launch; check out the trailer below for a better sense of gameplay.

Players can choose from one of four different characters with distinct personalities and playstyles. The goal here is to defeat the 12 Zodiacs, imposing guardians spread over four painterly worlds. Narration is woven into the game with replayability in mind, perhaps taking a page out of the Hades playbook, and players will learn more about the characters and world at large over repeated runs. It even features local cooperative play (as well as online), meaning you can face the trials ahead with a trusted friend to watch your back.

What do you think of Astral Ascent? Does it pique your interest? Remember that practice makes perfect in the comments section below.