ARK: Survival Ascended is the successor to ARK: Survival Evolved, and it just stealth-launched onto PC today. PS5 players won't have much longer to wait, as the eagerly-anticipated follow-up is making the jump to PlayStation in November.

A survival game on a grand scale, ARK: Survival Ascended will support public online multiplayer for up to 70 players at once, private sessions for up to eight, and local split-screen co-op for duos. Players are free to build fortifications, domesticate dinosaurs, and engage in combat across a vast area, all the while managing the meters required to survive in such a harsh environment.

ARK: Survival Evolved always seemed quite overwhelming, but the sequel looks like an excellent place to climb onboard this monstrously popular franchise. Are you a fan of the series? Are you excited for the launch of ARK: Survival Ascended? Mount a velociraptor and charge it off in the comments section below.