Alan Wake 2 PS5 PlayStation

Alan Wake 2 is out today, and we found the hype to be entirely real, with Remedy's mind-bending sequel earning an invaluable and much-coveted 10/10 review score from us here at Push Square. As additional icing on an already delicious cake, the developer revealed that a "new alternative narrative" will be included in the title's New Game Plus mode, which is coming in a future update.

Remedy proclaimed the news on Twitter and noted that the exact release timing is "still TBD". There'll be new Manuscript pages and additional video content to uncover, along with a Nightmare difficulty to punish further those who enjoy that sort of thing. Thankfully, players will retain all their unlocked weapons and upgrades, as is traditional for New Game Plus offerings.

Are you diving into Alan Wake 2? Are you reassured to know that more Wake goodness is on the way? Try to discern fiction from reality in the comments section below.