Alan Wake 2 PS5 PlayStation

Alan Wake 2 is out Friday, 27th October, and anticipation is building for yet another blockbuster game in a year full of them. Developer Remedy Entertainment has been quite bullish about the supernatural sequel, and we can't wait to get to grips with it ourselves.

Still, some fans have expressed concern regarding the technically impressive title's performance, particularly on consoles, as Alan Wake 2 was designed to be a "30FPS experience focusing on visuals and ambience". A Performance Mode will be there for players that prefer it, yet Remedy communications director Thomas Puha felt the need to quell concern anyway, writing that:

"Folks worrying about the console versions of AW2... smh and I am smiling. As I've said, we've taken great care on consoles, focused on those. I think most of you will be very positively surprised."

So it doesn't sound like players have much to be concerned about, and we won't have much longer to wait for reviews. Are you planning on picking up Alan Wake 2, or do other games still consume you? Let us know in the comments section below.