Developer Techland is still churning out Dying Light 2 content as part of a pledge to support the game for years to come. It was only a few months ago that the meaty Good Night, Good Luck update was released, so this is quite surprising to see. No timeline was given, but it's nice to know what's in the works.

In an IGN-exclusive roadmap trailer, we learn that additional co-op missions, board quests, and a tower raid are incoming, as well as replayable GRE anomalies. The Gut Feeling update back in April already overhauled melee mechanics, but it seems extras like executions and finishers are being added as well. Quality of life improvements like graphical options, weapon repairing, gear and mod dismantling are always appreciated.

Two new weapon types, Knives and Polearms, are being introduced, as are more enemy variants, with a Nightmare difficulty planned. Changes are coming to NG+, and firearms are being introduced. Finally, new cosmetic options will let players play dress up to their heart's delight.

Has Techland's continued support for Dying Light 2 enticed you back? Or would you rather this effort was directed at something new? Let us know in the comments section below.