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Dying Light 2 developer Techland has announced Chinese firm Tencent is setting itself up to become the studio's main shareholder, effectively acquiring the Polish team. Confirmed by founder Pawel Marchewka in a website post, he says the buyout allows Techland "to move full speed ahead with the execution of the vision for our games", which includes more from the Dying Light series and an unannounced open world action RPG.

Marchewka adds: "We will retain full ownership of our IPs, maintain creative freedom, and continue to operate the way we believe is right. I'm also going to continue serving as the studio’s CEO."

Under the wing of Tencent, the team wants to turn the Dying Light franchise into "the ultimate zombie game experience" by "providing you with multiple astonishing adventures and pushing the boundaries of solo and online modes to a totally new level". Then, the unannounced open world action RPG will ship with a fantasy setting that's "already shaping up to become something truly special", according to Marchewka.

The purchase of Techland continues Tencent's ventures into the western gaming market, having already acquired Back 4 Blood maker Turtle Rock Studios, Sackboy: A Big Adventure team Sumo Digital, and then securing minority stakes in Ubisoft, Bloober Team, Remedy, and more.

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