Statue Manufacturer Accuses Sony of Forcing It to Destroy All PlayStation Products 1
Image: Push Square

Controversial collectible toy and statue manufacturer Gaming Heads claims that Sony has forced it to “destroy” its inventory of PlayStation products, including paid pre-orders of products waiting to be shipped to customers. In an email shared on social media, the Hong Kong-based firm said that its merchandise – including God of War, The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Sly Cooper, and Ratchet & Clank memorabilia – will no longer ship due to the Japanese giant’s decision.

“We have worked with Sony PlayStation for more than 10 years to bring you some of the best video game collectibles and have been trying hard to get them to change their mind,” the letter reads. “They know you have paid your hard-earned money for items that are ready to ship to you or that are in production, but unfortunately after doing all that we can they have told us not to ship your orders to you.”

The letter goes on to encourage fans to pile pressure on Sony’s commercial partnerships executive, and even includes an email address. Personally, we think the whole thing reads pretty unprofessionally, and we can’t see it improving Gaming Heads’ relationship with the platform holder – in fact, we imagine this will burn any remaining bridges between the two parties once and for all. It’s certainly not going to help paying customers get their statues.

It should be noted that the Reddit post about this particular situation is filled with poor stories about Gaming Heads’ customer service, and as we’re only hearing one side of the story here, we suspect there may be a lot more going on that the statue manufacturer doesn’t want us to know. We’ll try and contact Sony for clarification, but in the meantime, we just hope any paying customers are able to get their money back.