Revealed as part of Gamescom's Opening Night Live showcase, Blizzard has unveiled Diablo 4's second season of live content, called the Season of Blood. While it doesn't actually begin until October 17, we did get a trailer outlining what we can expect from the game's next post-launch offering. Diablo 4's current Season of the Malignant began on the 20th of July, and each is designed to last for three months.

Season of Blood will see a newly turned army of ravenous vampires descend on Sanctuary, craving that sweet crimson nectar. Introducing a new questline revolving around uncovering their origins, players will be able to wield new Vampiric Powers, which will be useful in overcoming the five additional endgame bosses being added.

In addition, some much-requested community quality-of-life improvements are being introduced, such as better inventory management for Gems and allowing Paragon Points, Skill Points and Potion Charges to carry over to a new Season, provided they were achieved with an Eternal or previous Seasonal Realm character.

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