Diablo 4's first onslaught of post-launch support has officially begun, with the excellent action RPGs Season of the Malignant now live. Blizzard has released a hype trailer, extolling all true believers to return to the service of the Cathedral of Light and do some damned demon slaying.

Expected to run for around three months, Season of the Malignant introduces a new dungeon, boss, Unique items and Legendary Aspects, in addition to the new Malignant Hearts mechanic, which will likely result in extraordinarily broken builds that should actually keep players happy. Blizzard probably nerfed your build into oblivion, along with many of those most beloved by the community, with something of a mea culpa planned to try and soothe the currently outraged hardcore community.

If you plan on answering the call, consider checking out our in-depth Season of the Malignant guide, which should get you started on the right foot. Have you had a chance to boot up Diablo 4 and track down any Malignant Hearts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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