The Diablo series is a grindy one; it's part of the charm. Diablo 4 is no different, and whenever a game demands grinding, some heroic individuals will take it upon themselves to find the most optimal way to do so. One such route has been discovered in Diablo 4, using the Domhainne Tunnels dungeon, or the "Dopamine Tunnels", so named for the pleasurable feeling the amounts of XP earned within elicits.

Thanks to some of the tentatively positive changes introduced in patch 1.1.1, and as demonstrated by Raxxanterax, players can use the opening section to gain as many as 40 levels in just two hours. For comparison, it took us about 50 hours to reach level 50, playing through the campaign the old-fashioned way. Raxxanterax uses a specific Sorceress build to achieve this on Hardcore mode, but the general principles will apply to any class.

Have you already been using the "Dopamine Tunnels", or does this kind of farming method not appeal? We imagine Blizzard will likely take steps to limit or disrupt this particular loop in future updates, although there seems to be no sign of it in the patch notes for today's 1.1.2 patch (thanks, IGN).

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