Final Fantasy XVI is currently making a home within millions of PS5s, even if sales appear to have slackened quite severely in recent days. One of the highlights of the game (we thought) was its soundtrack, and the title's theme, called "Moongazing", just got an official music video. Written and performed by artist Kenshi Yonezu, it's a pretty grim offering, but we suppose that fits with the game's more mature setting.

We won't pretend to understand the exact nuance of what's going on, but all the melodrama and angst which has made the Final Fantasy series beloved by generations of melodramatic, angsty types are on full display here. We aren't ready to judge where this entry falls amongst the pantheon of all-time greatest Final Fantasy themes just yet, and likely won't be for some time. Such things bear deliberating on, after all, with Uematsu's magnum opus (in particular) ageing like a fine wine.

In a tangentially related topic, Final Fantasy XVI is the seventh best one (according to our readers), which is a state of fact unlikely to cause any discussion or disagreement whatsoever. How are you enjoying XVI now that it's been out in the wild for a while? How do you think its theme compares to others in the franchise? Sound off in the comments section below.

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