Final Fantasy 16 Sales

Update: Square Enix has officially confirmed the early reports from Japan, stating that Final Fantasy 16 has surpassed 3 million units through shipments and digital sales.

Original Story: Final Fantasy 16 has already topped 3 million sales, early reports from Japan indicate (as per It's not a truly jaw-dropping figure — Final Fantasy 15 shipped a franchise-high 5 million copies on release — but as always, context is crucial. The series' latest instalment is currently a PS5 exclusive, and so there's still reason to be impressed by what appears to be a rock solid start.

Apparently, Square Enix was "slightly panicking" about Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders just a few weeks ago, which were supposedly tracking behind numbers posted by its predecessor. In more hardcore circles — like right here on Push Square — this news sparked something of a hostile reaction, with many pointing out that the publisher simply never seems to be happy with its sales.

Here's hoping that Square Enix is pleased with Final Fantasy 16's performance now that it's out, because we think the game's largely fantastic, and certainly deserving of success.

How do you see Final Fantasy 16 selling over time? Is it an inevitable hit, or is Square Enix going to complain down the line? Think about all the games that can't even dream of 3 million sales in the comments section below.

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