While sand can, at times, be coarse, rough, and irritating (getting everywhere), this couldn't be further from the case with the upcoming RPG, Sand Land. Courtesy of IGN, we got a look at 12 minutes of silky-smooth, buttery-soft PS5 gameplay from San Diego Comic-Con that's just brimming with Akira Toriyama's trademark charm.

We see our Buu-like demonic protagonist, Beelzebub, and friends journeying through the arid wastes, encountering all kinds of aggressive fauna in various different vehicles. Dismounting, we get to see the kind of on-foot action RPG combat in-store, which doesn't seem too taxing, and very Dragon Ball, at times.

Sand Land is based on a one-shot manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama in the early 2000s. It's really cool to see this one brought to life, and we'll be looking forward to playing whenever it launches (Bandai Namco has its release date listed, maddeningly, as "To Be Revealed").

What do you think of Sand Land? How do you feel about sand, in general? Wash off thoroughly before entering the comments section below.

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