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We bet you didn’t have this one on your PSVR2 bingo card: 1993 CD-ROM sensation The 7th Guest is getting adapted for virtual reality later this year. While the game was announced during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase earlier this week, a trailer for the title shared by developer Vertigo Games clearly shows the logo for Sony’s headset at the end.

The original version of this game blended pre-rendered 3D graphics with FMV performances, and was cited as a killer app which contributed to the CD-ROM format’s eventual explosion. According to the website, the FMV aspects have been preserved, while the environments have been completely recreated with modern graphics technology for virtual reality.

The official website also notes that the title’s puzzles have been redesigned to take advantage of virtual reality. “Relive the original story as written by Matthew J. Costello, from a whole new perspective,” the website notes. “The 7th Guest VR brings back characters like Martine Burden, Brian Dutton, Edward and Elinor Knox, and others. Time to discover who is The 7th Guest.”

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