The 7th Guest VR is a virtual reality reimagining of 1993's puzzle title of the same name. Mysterious recluse and toy maker, Henry Stauf, has invited six guests to his gothic, puzzle-filled mansion for a party, offering a large sum of prize money. Taking on the role of an unidentified guest, you'll be exploring Stauf's premises, solving puzzles to unravel the mysteries within. What does Henry want from these people? Who is the seventh guest? And who will survive to tell the tale?

In this concise six-hour campaign, a blue butterfly leads you through the mansion, from the depths of the basement to the heights of the attic. You'll learn the backstories of each guest and their motives to attend this eerie place through a bunch of narrated, interactive documents and pre-recorded, green-screened videos that play over the environment around you. It's a unique idea that, unfortunately, rather ruins the VR immersion with the green glow given off by each character.

Equipped with a magical lantern that can peer into the past and even return objects to their original states, you'll be solving a wide variety of puzzles. With solutions based around shining your lantern and picking up and placing different objects, it can be enjoyably interactive, repairing broken bridges and mirrors, uncovering past versions of paintings, and revealing solutions scrawled across the walls. The conundrums get progressively more challenging, though never feel unsolvable due to the handy addition of hints. There are two free hints per puzzle, and if that doesn't get the cogs turning, an autocomplete option is also available by spending a collectable coin.

Sadly, we found many visual, audio, and puzzle bugs throughout our playthrough. Rooms take a little while to load when opening a door, often leaving you faced with a black screen on entry. Audio can often get out of sync with the video, or several voice lines will play over each other if you continue to explore while listening. Lastly, a couple of the puzzles failed to unlock for us, preventing progression without spending our collectable coins.

The 7th Guest VR's intriguing story and great variety of enjoyable conundrums make it a competent VR reimagining of a classic 90s gothic puzzler. With visual, audio and puzzle bugs aplenty, it's a shame Stauf's mansion isn't just riddled with cockroaches.