The Last of Us PC Steam Deck

Official Steam Deck support for The Last of Us: Part I will have to wait as Naughty Dog has announced its post-launch efforts are set on bringing the base PC version up to snuff. The developer has already apologised for the state of the PC port, calling it not "Naughty Dog quality". Another hotfix is expected to be deployed in the next 24 hours, and then a full patch will go live on Friday.

Despite being advertised alongside the Steam Deck, though, you won't be able to officially take The Last of Us: Part I on the go in the near future. While you can kind of play the game on Valve's portable console, it runs very poorly and looks terrible. For example, the image of Joel's messed up face is taken from the Steam Deck. "We will keep you updated of its Steam Deck status as we continue to improve the PC version," Naughty Dog said on Twitter.

Since release last week, the PC version of The Last of Us: Part I has gone on to become the team's worst-ever reviewed game on Metacritic. It currently has a rating of just 58. One or two hotfixes have been deployed since, and Naughty Dog will be hoping this Friday's update will be end of its PC nightmare. At least for now, because the developer is bringing more of its titles to the personal computer in the future.

How has your experience of The Last of Us: Part I on PC been? Have you encountered all the reported bugs, or were you waiting for that official Steam Deck support? Let us know in the comments below.