The Last of Us PC Reviews Metacritic 1
Image: Push Square

Naughty Dog deserves a standing ovation for somehow managing to cock up the PC port of one of the greatest games ever made. The developer – a symbol of consistency for many years – has dished up one of the most disastrous releases in recent memory with The Last of Us: Part I, and all on the back of a ridiculously successful transmedia push as well.

Currently, the conversion is rocking a 56 critics score on Metacritic, making it the Californian developer’s worst reviewed game in modern history. In fact, it’s so bad that it’s a full 20 (!!!) points less than the studio’s next lowest reviewed game, Jak X: Combat Racing on PS2. (Which was pretty good, by the way!)

Now obviously the studio started out on systems like 3DO, so it’s likely titles such as Way of the Warrior would have even worse reviews than this PC port if they were tracked. But you’d also have to go back almost 30 years to find them, which perhaps helps demonstrate just what a stain this is on Naughty Dog’s record. To its credit, it’s rolling out hotfixes pretty fast – but the developer seriously f*cked this one up!