The Last of Us: Part I PC

Naughty Dog has apologised to PC players for the state in which The Last of Us: Part I launched, a release that has earned the prestigious studio it's lowest-ever Metacritic rating.

The developer took to Twitter to address the issues players are facing, promising that a larger patch is in the offing for later in the week.

Despite the bad press, the title appears to be doing quite well, and Naughty Dog is rushing to push out fixes at a steady clip. Every raincloud has a silver lining, as they say, and some of the glitches players are reporting are truly a sight to behold, such as this specimen from Twitter user white_walterh

Does the phrase "Naughty Dog quality" still ring true? Is the streak of excellence over, or is this just an unfortunate bump in the road? Sound off in the comments section below.