Dreams PS4

After just over three years of support, developer Media Molecule has announced its plan to discontinue updates for Dreams. Announcing the news on the game's official website, the studio explains that, following the 1st September 2023, it will no longer be releasing updates or in-game events as it looks to move onto a new project.

Crucially, the game will still be around. It isn't going offline — you'll be able to continue playing and creating as normal — but Media Molecule itself is moving away and onto something new. The team says it's "incredibly proud" of Dreams and everything it's achieved thus far, and is "endlessly grateful to the community for their belief and continuous contributions". It calls the game and the community that it's attracted "one of the best things we've ever done".

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Media Molecule isn't completely finished with the game, though. It plans to release one more original game — Tren — as well as some updates to animation and a final update to Create mode. All this is coming before September.

In related news, the game will soon be undergoing a major server migration. This is scheduled for late May, and brings with it some important changes to how certain aspects of Dreams' online functions are handled. Check out the full post for more information.

It's a shame, but unfortunately, was an inevitability. The game, as wonderful as it is, could never garner a large enough base of players to keep things moving along. The fans the game does have are incredibly creative and loyal, however, so we imagine there will continue to be plenty of interesting new creations for a long time following September.

As Media Molecule points out in its FAQ, some features and updates that were once expected simply won't happen now. We won't be getting a PS5 version (and, thus, no PSVR2 support), online multiplayer, or 3D printing, all of which were presumably on the table at one point.

Are you still enjoying Dreams on PS4? Does this news come as a disappointment? What would you like to see Media Molecule make next? Tell us in the comments section below.

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