Critically acclaimed virtual reality survival game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is coming to PSVR2 – but if you claimed the game all the way back in November 2021 as part of PS Plus, then you’ll need to pay for the upgrade. While there was some confusion over this initially, it turns out that only the expanded Tourist Edition of the title is eligible for a free transfer to PS5; those who own the base game will have to pay a $10 upgrade free. It should be noted that the version given away with Sony’s subscription was the bog-standard release.

In developer Skydance Interactive’s defence, this is shaping up to be more than your average port – in fact, it’s bordering on a remaster really. The trailer embedded above showcases the improvements fans can expect, which expand to: enhanced environments, better animations, and revamped gameplay. In some of the side-by-side comparisons, it almost looks like a different game, so it’s clear a lot of effort has gone into this.

The updated version – along with its sequel – is scheduled to release on 21st March for PSVR2, adding to an increasingly hectic schedule for the headset. Will you be paying the upgrade fee here? Let us know in the comments section below.