Capcom Cup Prize Pool

Fancy your chances at winning a global Street Fighter 6 competition? If you think you could be the next Daigo Umehara, you should probably know that the next Capcom Cup — which begins this summer with a worldwide tour, running all the way into 2024 — is offering up an unprecedented $1 million to the eventual champion. Yep, win this thing and you could become an instant millionaire.

The colossal amount of cash was confirmed at the end of Capcom Cup IX, which just wrapped up after a week of gruelling tournament play. A further prize pool of over $2 million will be peppered across the rest of the tour, which means that we'll probably be seeing a lot of dosh up for grabs at major events.

It goes without saying that Capcom wants to make Street Fighter 6 a big deal right from the word go. The game itself is due out on the 2nd June, and as mentioned, the Capcom Pro Tour will also kick off this summer.

We're sure that such a massive prize pool will crank up the competition. Are you happy to see Capcom go so big for its next adventure? Tell us what you'd do with $1 million in the comments section below.