The Witcher 3 New Swords
Image: Push Square

The latest update for The Witcher 3 on PS5 has made some undocumented changes to one of the game's merchants. More specifically, there's an armourer in Novigrad who had his iconic greeting removed in the 'next-gen upgrade'.

Back on PS4 he used to, rather famously, exclaim "Top notch swords!" every time Geralt talked to him — and fans were sad to see that this line was replaced with a generic welcome in the Complete Edition. However, much to everyone's satisfaction, the recently released patch 4.01 reintroduces the beloved dialogue. We guess CD Projekt Red really does listen to the community.

Top Notch Swords
Image: Push Square

But the developer didn't stop there. As it turns out, our favourite merchant now sells some new swords — namely the Witcher's Steel Sword and Witcher's Silver Sword. Both are Relic tier, and the level they appear at seems to be based on Geralt's own character level. As such, even if you're deep into the game, you can head over to the shop right now and they should have decent attack stats and perks.

The new blades are actually based on the game's E3 2014 trailer, in which Geralt was shown with two sword (and scabbard) designs that didn't make it into the finished release. With this update, they can finally be yours. Well, kind of.

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