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Destiny 2's next expansion, Lightfall, launches on 28th February and will introduce the first of several big new changes coming to the now-venerable service game. Game director Joe Blackburn outlined what is to come in a monstrous 5000-word blog post entitled Lightfall and the Year Ahead.

Beginning with Lightfall, Destiny 2 is going to become more difficult, with enemies hitting harder and player abilities taking longer to come off of cooldown, with the idea being to make things feel more dangerous and encourage further cooperation.

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Changes are also coming to the power level system, with the cap remaining static in the following Season of the Deep and potentially being removed entirely in 2024. Blackburn explains that "we think that there are some major issues with power in Destiny 2 and how it prevents players from seeing some of our best content, so we’d like to make a big change to the system in The Final Shape". The Final Shape will be the last expansion in the current Light and the Darkness Saga, essentially setting the stage for whatever comes next.

Season of Defiance begins alongside Lightfall, and it will do away with Umbrals and Umbral Energies, feature fewer but better seasonal vendor upgrades, tougher Vanguard Ops, and introduce new Crucible game modes Countdown, Countdown Rush and Checkmate Control, to name a few.

The entire blog post is well worth a read, as besides what there is to look forward to, it goes into the thought processes that led to these changes, with player feedback being crucial to each decision made.

Are you excited about the future of Destiny 2? Will you be diving into Lightfall when it drops next week? Look towards the next horizon in the comments section below.